Who am I?


I’m Rhea. I’m not really into professional bio’s, plus – who really cares in this context? Below is a bit of a down low into my ‘journey’, and what I love!

This year in 2018, I’m undertaking a ‘spiritual journey’ (or whatever). Near the end of 2017, I felt my entire life was out of balance, and I wasn’t really living my day-to-day life the way I really wanted to.

I’m aiming to work for myself and be completely location independent, travel the world and visit new places often, literally being so excited to get out of bed every day and live the day, have that ‘holiday’ feeling every day (yep, it’s possible), creating, making a positive contribution to the world, doing what feels right and good for me – and essentially, being the best possible (aka. happiest and fulfilled) version of myself and living the life of my dreams – every.mother.fucking.day.

What I love and what I’m all about:

  • personal development and ‘spiritual’ growth
  • entrepreneurship (and girl power!)
  • positive sexuality and sensuality (so.much.yes)
  • organics and whole foods
  • metaphysics
  • holistic health and natural medicine
  • expanding consciousness and the power of the human mind
  • sustainability and minimalism
  • human rights and equal rights (100 fucking %)
  • meditation and yoga (zen af)
  • creativity
  • inspiring others (cause I’ve got so much love to share)
  • making a positive contribution to our wonderful world
  • travelling and exploring (yay!)
  • the god damn mother fucking cool universe!

This year, to bring more of the above into my life, I’m cutting down on or tackling:

  • alcohol and drugs (and I love alcohol, and sometimes drugs)
  • very limited wheat, gluten, dairy and sugar
  • caffeine (omg god help me)
  • becoming more selective of those whom I date and/or have sex with (soz boys)
  • buying stuff
  • wearing makeup
  • harmful chemicals in the food I eat and products I use
  • romantic relationship obsessions (cya)
  • indoor time (bored now)
  • consuming media that doesn’t make me feel good
  • negative thoughts and being attached to my ego

I’ll be sharing my journey in this online space.

instagram: rheas_snaps