Purpose – what?


Everyones lack of purpose.

People are starved for purpose. It’s heartbreaking really. In this era of humanity, many of us are not religious, but that’s left a gaping hole for the lessons that religion teaches. Meaning, purpose and belonging. 

So, what do we have instead? People trying to find purpose through career, or their work (that won’t work). From having many friends and constantly socialising (doesn’t work for me). For travelling the world (wonderful, but giving a purpose it does not make). For seeking love and the solace in another to give ourselves meaning (as lovely as it is, it’s temporary and relying on someone else for your sense of happiness means that it’s volatile). For numbing ourselves, in the main ways we know to feel alive and have ‘fun’ (drinking, drugging, fucking). What’s that fun costing you? Does your soul call out for more? To be nourished? To feel lit the fuck up with joy every day? To feel deeply at ease, and at peace, with who you are and your place in the world? 

What do you long to feel? What do you long for your life experience to be like? What is in your okay? 

It’s more than okay to need and seek guidance. We are not taught as children how to find our inner guide, how to nourish ourselves, how to make ourselves as happy as possible without any external forms of validation. 

Everyone I speak to seems to have some confusion around purpose, in one area of their life or more. I don’t think there really is a purpose, other than just enjoying each day as much as we can. To soak up the wonder of the ordinary – see those colours around you? Aren’t they magnificent? Hear those sounds? Isn’t the world so full of wonder. Feel your body? How lucky you are to have a body. 

It saddens me, that many are looking for purpose. YOU are purpose. Being alive today – that’s your purpose. Living in joy – yep, you got it – purpose. Your purpose is within you, and you will only find it when you go within. There are so many ways to do this, you will most likely be drawn to one way (writing, drawing, meditating, yoga, running etc). All you have to do is sit in silence, really. 

But, how hard is that for you? What are you afraid of feeling? Hearing? Experiencing? Why is it so difficult to sit there and objectively listen? That’s all you have to do. Just sit there. 

Now tell me, what’s your purpose? 


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