How many fucks? Zero, not one

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At the moment fucks are flying out of my life faster than a guy who hasn’t been laid in three months whips it out before you’ve even taken your top off (and trust me, that’s fast).

All this zero fuck giving has inspired me to re-read Sarah Knights, no fucks given, ‘The life-changing magic of not giving a fuck’. I’m only a third of the way through (see more below why I don’t give a fuck if I finish it or not), but so far have started compiling my ZERO FUCKS list – and fuck me, it feels good.

No only is Sarah a brillaint, witty and sassy as fuck writer – she also runs you through an easy NotSorry way to rid yourself of fucks (mental clutter), and focus on the things, work and people that you want and choose to give a fuck about – all without being an asshole. The operative word here is choose – making conscious choices about what beliefs, values, and thoughts run your life. Because, apart from the very enlightened, that voice that runs through our head (which is not you FYI) creates your life and the way you experience it, whether you like it or not – sorry (or rather, NotSorry). Vogue sums it up nicely if you want further deets on how also not to give a fuck.

At the moment I am choosing to give a fuck about: wearing sunscreen, eating whole foods, getting fuck loads of rest and deep sleep, restorative yoga, meditating, watching sunsets, binging on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, learning how to run my own business, talking to family, wearing a bikini as often as possible, eating madjool dates, taking photos of details I would usually miss, turmeric lattes (not even sorry), and masturbating (plus many other happy lifefulfilling fucks) – all of which I would rather be thinking about or doing than any of the below.

So, here’s my Zero Fucks list.

From the small:

  • Bras – unnecessary (for me) and I feel WAY more free without
  • Snapchat – deleted it and couldn’t care less
  • Superannuation/pension – I have 4 different accounts and it bores me to tears – no more fucks on these!
  • iTunes – not interested
  • Listening to people that I don’t care about talk about buying houses – subject change time
  • Spending money on new clothes that I don’t need – I care so much less what my ‘outer image’ is now
  • Watching the news (no depressing fucking thanks)
  • Twitter – don’t give a fuck
  • Also Pinterest – 0 fucks for it
  • Saying sorry all the time – actually, I’m not
  • Gyms – no #gymselfie fucks for these sweaty hellholes
  • Reality tv – fucks are reserve for MUCH better things
  • Brushing my hair every day – loving dem sea salty waves
  • Trying to be a morning person – it’s not for me, and actually, I’m not lazy and I am ambitious, I just prefer the evenings
  • Communing – going in for the walk
  • Dubstep – never liked it and could not give a fuck
  • Clubbing – only good when wasted (that of which I do not give a fuck about doing anymore)
  • Painting my nails – could not give a fuck
  • Shellac – just no
  • Waxing – never given a fuck, I’d rather shave whenever I feel like it
  • Finishing books – could not give a fuck if I don’t get to the end or not – I’ll read it for however long I feel like it only
  • Conversing with people I don’t want to converse with – not even 1 fuck
  • Feeling embarrassed – I’m going to order my decaf soy half filled mother fucking flat white with confidence, cause that’s what I want
  • The radio – could not give a fuck what they are talking about
  • Reading newspapers – could not give an annoying af oversized page fuck
  • Spilling things – sorry, not sorry
  • National flags – who the fucks gives a fuck about them I do not know
  • Sports – no fucks
  • Running – could not give a #justdoit fuck
  • Cover letters – NO FUCKS
  • Sitting at a desk in an office 8-ish hours a day 5 days a week – can’t even find one tiny over (or under) air-conditioned fuck (THIS sucks the god damn life out of me – even if I love the organisation, work and people)
  • Worrying about money – I stopped giving fucks about my ‘lack mentality’ towards money (and not having enough with quitting 9-5 work forever) a couple of months ago and since then I’ve magically received a lot of money effortlessly in many different ways (and it keeps coming, it happens!)
  • Folding washing – no fucks for this time waster
  • Anything to do with having children – no no no no no #nofucks
  • Ironing – I see 0 point in doing this
  • Stormsy – literally could not care less
  • Carrying ID – winging it
  • Eating office cakes – good god is there anything worse?! It’s a nice thought but I won’t be eating things I don’t want to eat anymore out of politeness
  • Jewelry – could not give a fuck if I wear it or not
  • Mortgages! you start talking, I start walking
  • Free wifi – give up on these free-doesn’t-even-work fucks
  • Any kind of delays – fucks are reserved for living in the moment only
  • House renos – would prefer to do literally anything whatsoever else
  • Stressing about being late – often I’m late leaving the house but this just not mean I don’t value your time (I do) I just get caught up in the moment, and I’m working on it! (And I’ve never, nor will I ever, miss a deadline might I add)
  • Beer – no I don’t like it and not going to try to, as I simply can’t be fucked
  • Going to Glastonbury- don’t give a fuck if I go or not to be honest
  • Anything to do with owning a car – no registration fee fucks

To the bigger than small:

  • Having a steady career path – omg just kill me with now with a giant CV paper cut and end me before I die of boredom
  • Caring what people that I don’t even like think (instead I think ‘um I don’t even like you NotSorry’)
  • Caring what people I do like think (if it’s right for me, I’m going to do it anyway)
  • What I look in a bikini – I haven’t exercised regularly in years but 0 fucks that I might not be as toned as squat challenge girls
  • Wanting to get married – or anything to do with weddings – I can’t even express how much I literally do not give even one tiny little fuck about this
  • Caring what my ex’s or ex love interests are doing (sending them lots of light, love and happiness their way though!)
  • Constantly seeing/talking to friends – I’m lucky enough to have many incredible friends that I love very much, but I often feel guilty for not seeing or talking to everyone all the time. Fact is, I only have a certain about of socialising a day/week/month in me, it doesn’t mean I don’t care, it just means I have boundaries and don’t want to spread myself too thin and burnout (as I have many times before) because I’m trying to ’people please’ all the time. NOTE: I do however give a fuck about my friends and their feelings, so I’m not longer overcommitting myself to things I want to, but just can’t (see socialising time above) do.
  • Trying not to offend others with my opinions – it’s JUST an opinion, it’s NOT a feeling (I still like/love you even though our opinions differ). If you give a fuck about any of these things because they feel right for you then don’t hold back your fucks on them because of someone else opinion! NOTE: I’m also talking bigger than just this list here and referring to everyone else opinions at any given time. If you want and choose to give a fuck about something – do it! And if you don’t, reserve your energy for better fucks. Remember, opinions are not feelings.

That’s my list of how I feel today – which will change daily/weekly/ monthly/yearly and will differ a lot for everyone. Probably especially anyone married in a ‘steady’ career, who owns a home and is thinking about children – and that’s completely fine and amazing for you! I just personally don’t give any fucks about it for me, as that’s not on the path I’m currently on. Although who knows one day I may give fucks about those things (God forbid! Just joking. Kind of).

I can’t wait to keep adding to my zero fucks list with a no fucks given attitude and save them fucks for making my life (and the lives of others by doing purposeful work that I love and sharing the love wholeheartedly with beautiful people in my life) even mother fucking better.

Zero fucks 4 lyf

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